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You know where to find tax news on the Internet (if not, contact us and we will tell you).

At Manage Your Tax, we provide our house views on current issues of taxation affecting Hong Kong taxpayers, and we point out how should taxpayers react to these issues.  The articles are the original commentaries written in Chinese by us that were posted on the Forum section of the Hong Kong Economic Journal and are available free to everyone.  You can get a sense of our capability by reading Tax Tips.  English translations of the articles can be found by clicking the links below:

Tax Tips (23) – Transfer Pricing Documentation in Hong Kong – Are You Caught?

Tax Tips (22) – Dealing with International Tax Cooperation

Tax Tips (21) – No Tax Even If Stay in China for Over 183 Days?

Tax Tips (20) – Surviving the Hong Kong CbCR Rules

Tax Tips (19) – Ready to Hire Employees in the BVI?

Tax Tips (18) – The Final Days of Tax Haven

Tax Tips (17) – Chinese Individual Tax Reform – The Dual-Residency Issue

Tax Tips (16) – New Tax Rule is Harmful to Intellectual Property Activities in Hong Kong

Tax Tips (15) – The Mysterious 183 Days

Tax Tips (14) – My Worldwide Income will be subject to IIT if I stay in China for 183 days?

Tax Tips (13) – What is the Tax Residency of Your BVI Company?

Tax Tips (12) – Practical Transfer Pricing Strategy for Parental Guarantee

Tax Tips (11) – Merger & Acquisition – A Chinese Case Study

Tax Tips (10) – Are Your Sleeping Well at Night?

Tax Tips (9) – New Beneficial Ownership Rules in China…LOB in Disguise

Tax Tips (8) – China Redefines “Beneficial Ownership” – Public Notice No.9

Tax Tips (7) – Say Goodbye to Tax Treaty Benefits?

Tax Tips (6) – Territorial Concept x Transfer Pricing

Tax Tips (5) – Does the Territorial Concept of Taxation Still Exist?

Tax Tips (4) – Is the Two-Tier Profits Tax System Really Going to Benefit SMEs?

Tax Tips (3) – Tax Compliance Risk and Costs: The Great Leap Forward

Tax Tips (2) – Hong Kong Follows Suit

Tax Tips (1) – Combating Base Erosion and Profit Shifting by Multinational Corporations

…and in case anyone is interested in the European anti-dumping landscape on Mainland exporters back in 1999, please click on the below link:

Anti-Dumping Duties on PRC Exports to the European Union: Compliance and Planning (published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Taxation – Summer 1999)