Tax Compliance and Risk Management

Protect Your Balance Sheet, Improve your P&L

Tax compliance is the basic requirement that any business has to meet.  What does Tax Compliance mean?

Filing the tax returns on time and pay taxes when due is the given.  Nobody should fail that.  Well, that is true only if everybody knows their obligations.

You lose sight of your obligations if

  • you are not even aware that you have created a taxable presence in another tax jurisdiction, simply because there is one person in that jurisdiction reporting to you
  • you don’t know if the transaction outside of a jurisdiction would create a tax filing (and payment) obligation in that jurisdiction
  • the transaction amount has crept above the threshold so that you now have to file a tax return or prepare transfer pricing documentation
  • you don’t know what documentation to keep and therefore are unable to produce it
  • you are not aware of changes in tax laws, and the exemption you had is no longer available
  • you avoid meeting the external tax consultant because they would bring a team of people who you don’t know what contributions they make but you get the bill for their hours anyway

All these bring you tax risks, which you may need to make a provision for, and if not managed properly, eventually make a payment for.

Our Tax Compliance and Risk Management Service review the overall status of tax compliance and assess the controls in place, advise you on the weaknesses and measures to improve, and we work together to implement the measures.

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