Tax Diagnostic Clinic

You think your group’s effective tax rate is too high.  What can be done about this?

An analogy: when somebody is feeling unwell, where does he go to?  A specialist or a general practitioner?

If you ask a big firm to look at why the group effective tax rate is high, you will find a team of specialists from income tax (Hong Kong, China and maybe International tax) and transfer pricing marching into your office, each of the tax partners will bring a tax manager.  Easily 7 or 8 people will turn up at your office.  Just an introductory meeting can cost US$10,000 in time cost.  A full “health-check” by the big firm will cost you an arm, a leg and a few months, and not to mention the follow up from the health-check.

Why not call Manage Your Tax?  Only one person will meet with your team.  After 2-3 hours, it is most likely that the saving opportunity identified would far outweigh the time cost.  Finding tax inefficiency is our expertise.  Once the root cause of the high effective tax rate is diagnosed, we can help find the best specialist in town, work together with them to fix the problem.  Isn’t this what you prefer?

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