Respond to Tax Queries

Just Like a Winning a Game of Chess Without Losing a Piece

Our approach to tax office queries is simple: close the case winning as soon as possible.

To do that, you need to know what the ever-more-aggressive tax office is aiming at, the business rationale of the subject matter, technical arguments based on statue and case law, gather the facts and documentation, identify weaknesses, and assess any potential spill-over impact (for instance, individual tax or foreign taxes).

With that, the appropriate approach can be determined for drafting a good first response, which will build a solid foundation for closing the case fast.  Taxpayers who are not careful may find themselves on a losing track, as damages are often impossible to be undone.

At Manage Your Tax, we have ample experience in successfully closing tax queries, while other advisors would ask you to settle.  Contact us today by clicking the button:

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