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Manage Your Tax provides custom-made tax advisory services based on our unique expertise and your needs.  Although our technical focus is on China and Hong Kong tax, we have ample practical experience in managing international tax including the One-Belt-One Road countries, M&A, restructuring, transfer pricing, Country-by-Country Reporting (CbCR), and tax disputes.  We partner with other tax experts in Hong Kong and around the world in delivering total solutions.  Broadly speaking, our services can be categorised into three areas: Tax Management Outsourcing, Advisory and Free Services.

Tax Management Outsourcing

1. Part-Time Tax Manager – This is similar to staff secondment service where we will physically work in your office for an agreed number of hours each week (or month) to handle all tax matters of your group/company as if we are your staff working part-time, including attending management meetings.  Find out more by clicking this link: Part-Time Tax Manager Service

2. Retainer Service – For an agreed number of hours per month, we can assist you on any tax matters in any way.  This is similar to the Part-Time Tax Manager service but more suitable for smaller companies going through an expansion phase.  Find out more by clicking this link: Retainer Service

3. Country-by-Country Reporting Project Management – There are very few advisors in the world who have practical experience in managing CbCR. We are one of them. Details can be found here: CbCR Project Management


1. Tax Structuring and Solutions – For M&A or internal restructuring projects, we will work with your internal and external project teams to ensure that business objectives are achieved in the most tax-efficient manner and, most importantly, there is no gap in tax technical analysis and supporting documentation. Click here to find out more: Tax Structuring and Solutions

2. Tax Diagnostic Clinic – Groups with a high effective tax rate will benefit from this service.  We act as the general practitioner and take a quick look at your group’s business model and talk to your management to identify key areas that further investigation should be done to improve tax efficiency.  This is the area that we excel in.  Click to find out more: Tax Diagnostic Clinic

3. Tax Compliance and Risk Management – Some groups operate in multiple jurisdictions which create tax compliance obligations. Companies need to be aware of whether taxable permanent establishments have been established, if VAT thresholds have been breached, are you recovering your input credits, are your local finance colleagues aware of the tax rules… We can help you assess the risk level and determine the appropriate action so that you can protect your balance sheet and improve your P&L. You can find out more by clicking this link: Tax Compliance and Risk Management

4. Respond to Tax Queries – Taxpayers need to be extremely careful in replying to tax office queries. Damages are often impossible to be undone. With the tax offices getting more aggressive these days, it is important to establish the correct approach upfront, provide the good facts, elaborate the business rationale, back up with strong technical arguments, and close the case as soon as practicable. Click here for more: Respond to Tax Queries

5. Tailored Tax Training – Don’t fall behind the rapidly changing tax development. We follow global tax development closely and understand what companies need. Why not let us provide tailor-made training to you at your premises, with no limitation on the number of attendees? Click here for more: Tailored Tax Training

Free Services

Tax Tips are the original commentaries written in Chinese by us that are posted on the Forum section of the Hong Kong Economic Journal and are available free to everyone. The purpose is to raise public awareness of the current issues in taxation affecting Hong Kong companies and provide helpful tips that we hope would create value. You can get a sense of our capability by reading Tax Tips. English translations of the articles can be found here: Tax Tips

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