About Us

Manage Your Tax is created by Edwin Bin

Edwin’s last full-time job was the Deputy Head of Group Taxation of the then Hutchison Whampoa Limited, a well-known conglomerate with global business which was subsequently restructured to become CK Hutchison Holdings Limited.  Edwin left CK Hutchison in 2017 and started Manage Your Tax.  You can find Edwin’s detailed bio here.

Why Start a New Business

Having spent 12 years as an external tax consultant and 12 years as in-house tax, Edwin knows very well the strengths and weaknesses of the two sides and how to mix the two together to create value for companies.  Such value creation is one of the key attributes of a good in-house tax manager.

Many SMEs in Hong Kong could benefit by employing an in-house tax manager.  Yet, many of them may not be able to afford the extra headcount with all the associated costs and risks that come with it, and good in-house tax manager is a scarce resource in Hong Kong.  This is how this new idea is born: could the SMEs share such resources and benefit from it?

At Manage Your Tax, we think so and that’s why one of the services we offer is Part-time Tax Manager services.

Can We Serve You?

You know you need to talk to us if the below are familiar to you:

  • You have been working with external tax consultants from the big accounting firms and have been doing what they told you
  • Yet you are a little bit worried about your company’s tax affairs
  • Because you don’t fully understand the issues and the solutions proposed
  • It is hard for you to explain to your boss and fellow function heads
  • So you are not sure if you have chosen the right approach to deal with the issues, if you are able to tell other functions what documentation to prepare, and if you are extracting the value for the money you have paid the advisors
  • But you still have to deal with it because there is no in-house tax manager in your team…and you don’t have the headcount
  • Even if you have the headcount, you are not confident that your problems would be gone
  • And you don’t have a clue how to train, supervise and manage this tax manager, who has just barely made manager in the big firms
  • Although you have been working with external tax consultants and have paid them a lot, you know that tax risk is growing

If that is the case, you have come to the right place.

Manage Your Tax is highly skilled at providing tax support to clients as if they have hired a senior tax professional in-house to manage the tax risks, compliance, documentation, transaction implementation and all the rest, for a fraction of the costs they otherwise would pay.

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