Part-Time Tax Manager

It is about Sleeping Well at Night  

You care about your company’s tax.  But how much time can you spend on it?  How do you keep updated with the development, especially nowadays when tax hits the newspaper front page on a daily basis?

You may have been thinking about hiring an in-house tax manager.  But how do you know the candidate is up to the job, has real international experience, is well-connected, able to identify risks, protect your company, resolve tax issues, handle tax audit, execute projects, coordinate different functions within your company, communicate with senior management, ensure tax compliance…so that you can sleep well at night?

Our Part-Time Tax Manager Service

The Part-Time Tax Manager takes charge of your company’s tax function.  The Part-Time Tax Manager will participate in management meetings, work directly with the heads and support staff of various functions (Finance, Legal, Company Secretarial, Operations, Business Development, Marketing etc), advise on transactional tax issues including structuring and reporting, manage tax compliance and transfer pricing documentation, review contracts and documentation, coordinate tax projects, work with external tax advisors and conduct internal tax training where applicable.

Sounds a lot?  Well, it all depends on the level of complexity of each company.  What is certain is that the Part-Time Tax Manager is so experienced that all the work can be done on a part-time basis, while an inexperienced in-house tax manager would need to work full-time, while learning along the way.

The Part-Time Tax Manager reports to the designated persons at your company, but he/she is provided to you by Manage Your Tax under a service contract.  Therefore you do not have to deal with any HR and tax-related matters of employees.  Other than perhaps an email account, the Part-Time Tax Manager can work on shared resources: desk, stationery, computer, printer etc.  No MPF or medical benefits are required.

What is more, we are extremely flexible: you can terminate our service at short notice when things are on-track or have become routine (just allow time for us to do a proper hand-over to your designated staff).   If business demands a full-time in-house tax manager, we can help you screen the right candidate and hand-over to him/her.

Let us take your burden away

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