Tailored Tax Training

Falling behind the rapid tax development?

Governments around the world are changing their tax rules at a rapid pace.  It is not easy for a tax professional to keep up with the development around the globe.  Business owners, CEOs, and executives in charge of the Finance function would rarely have the time and interest to follow the news and let alone assess the impact.  Attending tax conference is obviously a good way to get updated but you wouldn’t send your full team there, and you often find that only half of the topics are relevant…for the sessions that you attend, the contents barely scratch the surface.

Manage Your Tax follows global tax development closely, and understand what companies need.  Why not let us provide a tailor-made training to you at your premises, with no limitation on the number of attendees?  Some suggestions on how to make the training most relevant to your organisation:

  • Tax Update on issues relevant to you, such as your industry, location of your operations, and where your customers are
  • Training focusing on an issue of your choice, such as a particular Mainland Tax Circular, the new amendment to the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Ordinance, etc.
  • Deep dive into a technical issue, for example, Beneficial Ownership
  • Common issues in operating in overseas countries

What’s more, provided your organisation has the IT infrastructure, even your overseas employees can attend the training online.

Interested but not sure?  Just contact us by clicking the button below to set up a free meeting, so that we can prepare a proposal to you for consideration:

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